About Quorum Realty

Mark Rotherham - President
920-499-2558, Home Office
920-544-6940, Cell

My name is Mark Rotherham and I’m the founder and owner of Quorum Enterprises Inc., which was formed in 1997.  In January of 2006, as I was performing my normal day-to-day real estate business, I happened to meet a home appraiser who was performing work for Fannie Mae. He suggested that I sign up with them as an REO listing broker vendor.  About a year after I signed up, I was contacted by Fannie Mae and since then, my staff and I have been listing and maintaining properties for them. During this time, we have also become an REO listing vendor for RMS, Associated Bank, VRM, Phoenix Asset Management, NRT, Green River, and most recently NVAM (an Outsourcer for BOA). I enjoy what I do and I’m always looking to expand. Nothing would please me more than to begin a working relationship with you as well.

We have been servicing NE Wisconsin’s REO needs since 2006 and are happy to say we’ve expanded our business to the Milwaukee and Madison area as of August 2010. With Jeff Serak as our managing broker in the Milwaukee area, and Tyler Sweeney in our Madison office, we are well on our way toward fulfilling our mission to become the best REO Listing Specialist in the eastern part of the state and, eventually, throughout Wisconsin.

Leslie Boyea – Closing Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
920-490-7446, Main Office

Leslie began with our office in February 2010, bringing with her a vast background in the administrative field and Customer Service.  Leslie is currently our office manager and she oversees all tasks associated with our REO business, which include but are not limited to:

  • - Acting as the Front Line contact person for all of our REO properties
  • - Maintaining contact with the various preservation companies
  • - Ensuring all MLS information is up to date with the latest REO property data
  • - Managing contract packages
  • - Maintaining contact with all parties involved in accepted offers until closed
  • - Maintaining office supplies
  • - Maintaining our Website
  • - Responding to General inquiries
  • - Acting as our Primary IT Contact person
  • - Handling all REO repairs and repair bids
  • - Handling all Billing and Reimbursement

Additional Support Staff………
920-490-7446, Main Office

    • - Assist Leslie in all REO-related duties outlined above
    • - Register each week with new REO banks and outsourcers
    • - Perform data entry of BPOs and MSRs/MMRs
    • - Service all non-REO properties and related tasks
    • - Respond to emails and answer phone calls
    • - Perform any other day-to-day tasks and issues that may arise